Why I picked the Pro Wave 101 rife unit.

Why I picked the Rife unit model that I did.  An exhaustive 5-month search.

Hi!  Here is the Rife unit that I purchased: The “ProWave Model 101″.  Click HERE to see it and get more information.

Rife units treat pretty much most disease conditions known to man including Cancer, AIDS, STD’s, all pain, Arthritis, Diabetes, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Strokes, ALS, Parkinson’s, Flu, Detoxification, etc.  That is why you have probably never heard of Rife units and they are fairly actively “discouraged” by the AMA & FDA.  You can’t sell pills and medicines to people who cure themselves.  Enough said there.

I researched Rife units for 5 months from Dec 2010 to May 2011.  I even borrowed a Rife unit that I found in Austin, Texas USA for 2 months to see if it would help me.  I was very skeptical and got remarkable results.  I have never had so much rapid healing in such a short time.  I realized that I could improve my health permanently by owning one of these machines.

Here is why I bought this particular model:

1. SIXTY day MONEY-BACK guarantee.  I didn’t find many other units with a money-back guarantee.  This gave me great confidence in trying it out.  If it didn’t help me in 59 days, I could send it back.

2. Good Units were priced from about $2,000.00 up to $5,000.00 and even as much as $17,000.00.  This was the typical price range that I found.  This unit had by far the most unique features of any Rife machine.

3. I could call and TALK to a live human (the owner, Justin) to ask questions at   Most of the other sources were internet stores with no live people to talk to.  Or, you called them and got a complicated “voicemail tree”, left a message, and no one ever called me back.  That was not reassuring to me for a fairly expensive purchase like this unit.  Also, when talking to Justin, he was down to earth in answering my questions where other dealers rambled on about technical features that didn’t mean anything to me.

4. Justin, the owner of Rife911, was very depressed and had Chronic Fatigue for around 2 years, did his own research, used a Rife unit to get better, and this is the unit that HE sells.  He has a personal history with Rife units, and a wonderful personal story.  I trust that.

5. Justin is a really nice guy, very patient, and talked to me about 6 times on the phone for up to 30 minutes while I asked questions while other dealers didn’t answer their phone or return my calls.

6. The unit is SIMPLE to use.  Some of the frequency generators that I looked at were pretty complicated and had several pieces to them.  This unit is one piece and easy to use.  You can be up and going in the first 5 minutes!  You can use the Operation Manual or just scroll through the many conditions available on the machine.

7. The unit has a rechargeable battery that lasts about 3-4 hours.  This makes this unit portable.  None of the other manufacturers that I saw could not be run portably.  You can also leave this unit plugged in.  I use the unit on the battery in my car while I am driving.  I find THAT is a good use of my “dead time” while driving – get somewhere and cure your diseases at the same time!  You can even run this unit in the hospital hidden under the bed covers that does a better job than all the worthless drugs that they want to give you.

8. Instead of paying $500-$1,000 per month for health insurance, you could instead buy a Rife unit and never need to go to the hospital again!  Or never need drugs or medicines again either.

9. I did find “software packages” for about $150-$300 that would “make your PC into a Rife unit”.  This did not seem like such a good deal, as you still had to buy other pieces of equipment to amplify the frequencies into your body, and it became kind of a complicated hodge-podge of equipment.  I prefer to go for simple and uncomplicated – it is less likely to break.

10. Here is a good website that I found that explained Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMFT) how and why it works, and why it is needed for health: http://www.pemft.org.  This is how & why Rife units work.  It also has a good comparison on “mat” PEMFT units that you lay on.  I decided to go with a RIFE unit as opposed to a “mat” PEMFT as it was smaller, more convenient, portable, and I could control what I wanted to work on with myself.


NOTE: There is big debates you will typically see on these website’s selling points for “we have more Rife frequencies, more power, etc with OUR unit.”  It really doesn’t matter.  MORE or STRONGER is not necessarily BETTER.  I came to the conclusion that the “more frequencies, more power” debate is kind of pointless, as more frequencies just makes it harder to find your condition that you want to treat, and more power is not necessarily better or faster.

Pick what unit you feel most comfortable with, but this is the model that I decided was the best overall for ME.  Some units definitely work better than others.
I hope this info helps you!